I build technology solutions for people in business

No bullshit, not jargon. Just solutions built with my own hands that create efficiencies, change behaviours and increase profits.

So who am i?

I’m the Technology Manager for Skillsnacks, a digital learning platform. We created Skillsnacks from the ground up as we were sick of creating learning that sucked (spending 12 years in the digital learning space). Learning could be better and it could also be something the learner actually wants to do. I also lead a small development business called Waggingtail, where we craft online platforms for customers in New Zealand, Australia and the US.

Prior to going out on my own, I was the Technology Manager at JBA, where I built a tech business that enabled under- and un-employed Kiwis to rediscover themselves, their purpose and to pinpoint a career they could actually be passionate about.

Before that I spent 12 years in Learning & Development working across a huge range of sectors and industries and with some of the biggest businesses in New Zealand. From The Warehouse, Icebreaker & Briscoe Group in Retail, to CAANZ in accounting, Mainfreight in Logistics and The Ministry of Social Development in Government – it’s quite a roll-call!

With plenty of firsthand experience in how fast the commercial world can change, I know just how quickly people and businesses need to adapt in response. I also know just how vital Learning & Development is to help them in that process.